Just Embrace It [19/31].

We've got a wedding out of town today, so not a lot of time to be sitting around blogging. Not like I have a lot of that anyways;)

Also, I'm looking for any other SAHM that might want to be interested in doing a guest post before the end of this challenge. It'll be simple, plus I can provide some guided questions to get you started. Comment if you are interested!


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I’m linking up with The Nester every day in October for #31Days. You can find a list of all 31 posts as they are published by clicking here.


  1. Hi! I am completely new to your blog, well since discovering it through the 31 days link up, but I am a SAHM with two kids (4 & almost 2) and am pregnant with our third. I would be willing to do a guest post! I blog at fortheloveofjustice.com.

    1. I just messaged you, Jessica:) I hope it works out for you to do a guest post!


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