Outtakes [20/31].

Hi All! Getting in my 31 Days post at the last minute, but getting one in nonetheless! Phewsh. We've had a packed weekend, but here's a few shots of our sweet, crazy world from the past few days. 

This was taken during my photo-every-hour challenge. It wasn't taken on the hour though, so it didn't make the final post. Still, I adore this pic.

Visiting our new niece, Brielle, at the hospital. It's crazy to think that Sterling has not one, but TWO, cousins now that are younger than him!

Papa had a three day weekend, so this Mama was able to go out and do a some shopping on Friday. I brought along this little guy, of course, and it was pretty smooth sailing once he fell asleep. I even got to hit a thrift store before going home! It's the little things...

Tickle party with Papa & Ruby! There are times when I want to just sit back and enjoy these moments without viewing them through a lens, but I fear that my memory will fail me. These times are just too precious  - I never want to forget them!

Last night was the wedding of one of my oldest friends. We were home-schooled at the same time, went to high school together, the same college, and even studied abroad in London the same semester. Needless to say, it was pretty surreal to see so many people I knew from so many different places in one space.

Waking up next to my sweet boy this morning. What a blessing it is to be his Mama...

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!! As always, thanks for reading & for bearing with my seemingly directionless 31 Days series! xx

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