High Country Rollers Pt.4

Dinosaur Park, Rapid City, SD. Our last stop before rolling out of the Black Hills. I get a little sentimental looking at these photos. The months leading up to the trip were hard. So. Very. Hard. And in a blink, it was over. I had never needed a vacation more in my life and I have never been so sad to see one come to an end. I'm still a little bummed to be back home.

The Dinosaur Park might not have been so special on an average day. The sculptures (only 7 of them) were quirky and imperfect. They were constructed in the 1930's as part of the Works Progress Administration, a New Deal initiative to employ unskilled Americans with public works projects. I thought about the people being filled with a new sense of hope as they were hired on to construct these concrete monsters. And I guess it just kind of hit me. [Sidenote: I've been listening to The National while editing these photos, so I've had a perpetual lump in the back of my throat].

If you do ever visit the Dinosaur Park, and you should, be sure to stop in the gift shop. The employees were very kind and their concession food was super cheap.

Ok, one last stop, for real this time. Badlands National Park. This place is like a Tatooine landscape. A complete heart attack for parents with little ones. If you aren't stressed enough about ensuring your toddler doesn't tumble down a crevice, then there's rattlesnakes to be thwarted. But it sure is beautiful.

The last time I was in the Black Hills, I remember thinking how totally uncool it was. There is one particular photo I can think of where I'm not even smiling. My family didn't go on exotic vacations since there were four kids and our mom stayed at home. Returning to this land as a parent has brought a lot of perspective. I guess you could say it was a full circle trip for me. Redemptive, almost.

This has been one of my favorite vacations, probably ever. And I've been a lot of places. Everyone I loved was together and everything felt ok for a few days. Sorry so emo. Blame it on The National.

But it was good (heart emoticon).

Hopefully you enjoyed riding along through these blog posts or on our official Instagram hashtag (#highcountryrollers - check it). Don't forget to be back here TOMORROW for a very special giveaway with Vi Bella—you're not going to want to miss it!!

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  1. The only vacation Jonny ever took was a trip to SD. He had a similar situation as you -- six kids, pastor dad, stay-at-home mom. Not a lot of extra flow for Disney. ;) This is such a sweet post, Erin. Good job! I've always said we'd never go on a South Dakota trip because it seems so boring. But now...you may have sold me on it!


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