High Country Rollers Pt.3

Deadwood Day! This might actually have been the highlight of my trip, mainly because the kids had such a blast. Which only proves that I am a Mom. But seriously, SUCH a blast. I learned that cowboys are way cooler than wild bears being inches from your car, according to the wee ones.

We headed into town for the Main Street Shootout, an 8 minute show that was slightly underwhelming and incredibly loud. At least Ruby's ears were covered for the gun battle...(what?).

Here I am wearing the stylish Kaliko necklace & earrings from Vi Bella. You like? Well, maybe you'll get an opportunity to win one of those pieces. Like, maybe this Friday (wink, wink).

Sometimes you think you know your kid & other times they totally surprise you. Ruby is an affable girl, however, I wasn't expecting her to have a dance-off with this Calamity Jane character. It was pretty awesome. Her gumption scored the littles in our crew some rather nice "Deadwood Deputy" badges.

I never thought I'd purchase a toy gun for my daughter. But it was hard to say no when she pointed out a pink one and said, "It's just my color!" Oh, Ruby girl. We were all feeling that Wild, Wild, Midwest spirit.

Thanks for the good times, Deadwood! I didn't get a chance to indulge in your penny slots, but I guess you've got to leave something to come back for...

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