High Country Rollers Pt.2

Next up on our Black Hills adventure...Bear Country USA!! I've been to this area several times over the years, but this was my first visit to Bear County. We loved it!

I don't know if Ruby was more excited to see the bears or to sit in the front on my lap (which is permitted in the park). Ha! For the price of the entry fee, I was secretly hoping a bear would try to climb up on our vehicle. But it's probably a good thing that didn't happen...they did get pretty dang close though!

Ruby's favorite creatures at Bear County were actually the buffaloes! It's probably a good thing she wasn't aware that her mama was eating them at every chance she got—Tatonka burgers, Tatonka stew, Tatonka hot dogs, oh my!

Here I am wearing the Santa Fe earrings handcrafted by Vi Bella artists from Haiti. I LOVE the way they pop with some red lipstick!

Our entire crew at the Mt. Rushmore Memorial! 

We also made a stop in Keystone for some ice cream, photo ops, & old time family portraits. Yep.

I really had to twist my husband's arm to take this photo, but I think he'll cherish it as time passes on. At least, I hope so:)

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  1. My favorite part so far is the buffalo comment :)


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