High Country Rollers Pt.1

This past week, my entire family headed to the Black Hills of South Dakota for a MUCH NEEDED vacation. We had been planning & saving for months and it feels so hard to believe that it's already over. I'll be featuring some highlights from our trip over the next few days & have a pretty sweet giveaway at the end of it, so stay tuned:)

First stop...Wall Drug! This legendary place is impossible to miss with it's billboards spanning hundreds of miles advertising their free ice water. I've grown to appreciate the kitschy-ness of this place over the years and looked forward to taking some fun photos there.

Ruby & Sterling in their PJ's after a full night of driving. The actual drive to where we were staying is 10.5 hours, but count in the stops you make with 10 adults and 5 children under 6 years old and, well, it's quite a bit longer than 10.5 hours. Our caravan alone spanned 4 vehicles! What a way to travel...

This dreamy cabin, the High Country Lodge (hence "High Country Rollers"), was our home for the week. Nestled in the woods just off of Terry Peak, we were miles from civilization with more than enough space for our large crew. We joke around that we could've just stayed at the cabin everyday and not done anything else and it still would've been a great trip.

A short jaunt from our front door was this scenic overlook at the top of the peak. Being able to see across the distance as far as the eye can see in every direction was truly something to behold.

A few minutes in the other direction from our cabin was the beautiful Roughlock Falls. Our family enjoyed a picnic and a stroll there on the first full day of our vacation.

A few days before our trip, Vi Bella hooked me up with some lovely jewelry to style for my blog. If you are not familiar with Vi Bella Jewelry, their organization seeks to transform the lives of at-risk women in Haiti & Mexico by providing sustainable jobs and share the love of Christ with them. Each piece is handcrafted by a special woman who otherwise might not have been able to earn an income in a safe environment to provide for her & her family. What a beautiful mission!

The above pieces I'm wearing are the earrings & bracelet from the Colorblock set. Keep an eye on the jewelry I'm wearing in the photos this week as I'll be hosting a giveaway for one of them this Friday:)

Hope you'll join us for the rest of our Black Hills adventure!! To be continued...

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  1. how fun!! we went to wall drug two years ago! (and badlands and mt rushmore) it was a really fun family vacation.


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