Pardon the Silence.

Hi, friends. It's been a minute. A few months, actually. Many things and not much has happened since my last post. Maybe I will elaborate on that in another entry. I've wrestled with what I want to do with this space and how much I want to share here. Because for some reason, I have this innate passion for photographing & documenting bits of my life and then publishing them to the internets.


I'm giving it another go.

This week, I'll be sharing some highlights from our recent family vacation to the Black Hills. I also worked on a fun collaboration with ViBella Jewelry that will be featured throughout our trip photos. Stay tuned for a giveaway at the end of this week!!

Thanks to family & friends who have reminded me to find time to pursue my interests & have encouraged me to pick up where I left off here. I've definitely missed this place.

[Photo credit: vogue.com.au]

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  1. I'm glad you are getting back in the game! :) And I hope that you do share.


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