I'm with the band.

80/35, Des Moines' burgeoning indie-rock music festival, fell upon us this past weekend. Since Parlours were on the bill this year, we had access to all the stage areas with these nifty little passes.

The last time my husband's band performed at 80/35, I was at the hospital down the street giving birth to Ruby! Of all seven years of the festival, that one was the only time we ever missed (but for good reason, I must say).

We brought the kids along on Day 2, mainly to see Daddy play the drums. Ruby felt pretty special getting to wear the band lanyard, as anyone would.

Watching our friends in the Envy Corps perform on the main stage. 

I love that the kids can splash around in these water features while the whole family can listen to some jams.

Here, Sterling is wearing the same Threadless dinosaur onesie that Ruby wore two 80/35's ago. There's just something about it that screams "music festival". The adorable space-themed bibdanna was lovingly sewn by our friend at Graystitch. Keep an eye out for more of where that came from in the coming weeks!

Parlours doing their thang. 

Ruby, so sweetly, remarked that her Daddy was doing a good job while watching him play. Heart melt.

We enjoyed performances from Dawes, Maids, Max Jury, Surfer Blood, Envy Corps, & Dr. Dog this year. The best part of the fest though is the community surrounding it. I could always find of group of friends at every show to hang out with or get some help with the kids. We love 80/35!!

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