It's Back! The 31 Days of...

Happy October! Do you know what that means? You aren't exactly wrong if you recognized it as by birthday month, but try again. It's The Nester's annual "31 Days of Writing" challenge across the blogosphere...!!

Some of you may remember the 31 Days as a Beginner Stay-at-Home Mom series that I wrote last year. It wasn't the stuff of internet sensational material, but it certainly embodied the highs & lows (mostly lows) of those first stages of full-time motherhood. My posts were a bit desperate and all over the place, but I did stick with it for the entire 31 days. I also said to myself that I would probably never do it again. Lucky for you, I changed my mind!

Ok, you can stop laughing now.

This time, I mapped out my topics over the entire month of October in advance. It's is a topic that I get asked a lot of questions on and would maybe even consider myself a pro at. Are you ready for it??

That's right, y'all. 31 Days of Thrifting!! For those of you who think that there couldn't possibly be enough information to cover over that many days, I am hoping to prove you wrong. I really feel like I'll be laying all my cards out in sharing the tips & tricks that I've learned in all my years of second-hand shopping. I've even done some additional "research" to ensure that I don't forget anything key.

You can expect to read posts on knowing what to look for, where to find what you're looking for, insights into developing one's personal style on a thrift store budget, as well as other fun little features throughout the month.

This post will serve as a landing page for all the posts, so I will continue to update it accordingly for your reference. Who knows how far this series could possibly go...?? I can't wait dive in to this topic with you!

[1/31] The 31 Days of Thrifting!
[2/31] Why Thrift?
[3/31] Thriftfix: Nicole
[4/31] My Fave Finds: The Mod Family Canvas
[5/31] Thrifty Print
[6/31] Before You Go Poppin' Tags...
[7/31] Tools of the Trade
[8/31] On Personal Style
[9/31] Thrifting a Capsule Wardrobe
[10/31] Thriftfix: Emily
[11/31] My Fave Finds: The Retro Shell Chair
[12/31] Thrifty Print
[13/31] Thrifting Geographically
[14/31] Too Good to Be True?
[15/31] Fashionably Thrifty DIY's
[16/31] Guest Post: Men's Thrifting Tips
[17/31] Thriftfix: Nicole S.
[18/31] My Fave Finds: The Modern Yellow Desk
[19/31] Thrifty Print
[20/31] Thrifting For & With Kids
[21/31] My Fully-Thrifted Fall Uniform
[22/31] D.I.Y. Thrifted Frame + Washi Tape
[23/31] D.I.Y. Home Decor Roundup
[24/31] Thriftfix: Mandy
[25/31] Fave Finds: The IKEA Round Mirror
[26/31] Thrifty Print
[27/31] Thrifting Vintage
[28/31] D.I.Y. Thrifty Gift Guide">
[29/31] The Minimalist Approach to Thrifting
[30/31] Skipping the Thrift + $20* Credit For You!
[31/31] Concluding Thoughts on the 31 Days


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll be writing about. But also, I love your site design! It looks great.

    1. Thank you so much! It was a long time coming...;)

  2. Replies
    1. I hope it still is at the end of 31 days:)

  3. Excited to follow along! Found you via the linkup :)



  4. Love love love this idea. Thrifting is one of my favorite things to do and I am always thrilled to meet people who feel the same!

  5. I'm so excited you are doing this series! Thrifting is the BEST.

  6. Oh and I really enjoyed your series last year - it was real and that was awesome. So glad you are doing it again!

    1. Thank you so much!! Hope you enjoy this series, as well!


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