Why Thrift? [2/31]

In our house, we play a lot of board games. The more obscure, the better. One of my favorites is a game called Carcassonne. It's the perfect game for two players on a dreary, winter night.

The reason I enjoy this game so much is because it is equal parts luck and strategy. The luck part is always satisfying when you draw the exact tile you need. The key though is to get good at the strategy part when you aren't getting so lucky.

Thrifting is a lot like Carcassonne. Equal parts luck and strategy.

The key is to get good at the strategy part, and that's where I hope to help throughout this series.

But first, let me convince you why you should thrift:

1) It's Economical. The money you save from thrifting can be used toward spending a little more on organic foods or saving up for that big trip you always wanted to go on. It basically enhances your quality of life.

2) It's Fashionable. Thrifting allows you to experiment with new trends in an affordable way. Plus, you never know what treasures await you at the thrift store...

3) It's Sustainable. It takes HUNDREDS of gallons of water to grow the cotton required to create new items. For example, to produce one pair of jeans requires 987 gallons of water.

Are you on board yet? Because there's plenty more of where this came from in the coming days...

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  1. I am excited to follow your series this month! My mom taught me the basics of thrifting and sewing a long time ago and I am trying to get back into both (and to improve).

  2. I am excited to have you along! Thanks for reading:)


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