THRIFTFIX: Nicole [3/31]

We've all heard of Stitchfix, right? It's a pretty fun concept, for sure. But let's be honest. Stitchfix's pricing is a little out of some of our clothing budgets. Plus, when you get used to paying $3.69 for a shirt, it's hard to justify the cost of a mail-delivery styling service.

Now, I'm not anti-Stitchfix here. But I am for helping people save money and feel good about the clothes they are wearing. So, for the month of my #write31days challenge, I'm doing a weekly THRIFTFIX post featuring some of my dear friends.

This is my friend, Nicole. She blogs at Even Me and is basically my conference partner-in-crime. Nicole agreed to be my first ever Thriftfix guinea pig in hopes to find some new outfits for the Influence Conference, which we both just attended.

I had a general idea of the kind of things Nicole likes, or at least looks good in. So, I went ahead of her to Goodwill and compiled a rack of pieces that I thought would fit her aesthetic.

Here are the results...


Left: Chambray button-down from Banana Republic

Middle: Pink 3/4 sleeve top from Gap

Right: Striped 3/4 sleeve sweater from Gap


Left: Lilly Pulitzer tank top (too big)

Middle: Pink flowy tank top from Express (too flowy)

Right: J.Crew grey tank top (too small)


Left: Soprano brand black & white shirt (B&W party perfection!)

Right: 100% lamb's leather jacket ($4, what?!)

We weren't able to find a pair of killer jeans for Nicole this round. Jeans can be a challenge, but not impossible to find.

In the end, Nicole purchased 11 shirts (!), the leather jacket, 1 pair of shoes, and a vase.
The grand total: $53.76

And here is Nicole looking all fly in her secondhand threads at Influence! Great job styling your pieces, Nicole. Love ya, girl!

What do you think of the whole Thriftfix idea? I'd love your feedback!

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  1. Finding a killer pair jeans at the thrift store feels like what it must feel like to conquer Everest!

    I LOVE thrift store shopping! Especially now - I've been losing weight and almost none of my old clothes fit. It's been so much fun to shop for medium size shirts! And knowing that when I lose even more weight, I didn't spend a ton of money.

    Loving your series!

  2. ThriftFix sounds like a fun and creative idea! I greatly dislike shopping for my own clothes, but don't mind shopping for others as much. Maybe I should find a thrifting friend to trade with...

    1. Do it! Always helps to get a second opinion:)

  3. Love this idea. I wish someone would do this for me. I am a big Goodwill shopper and a fairly successful finder, but I get into ruts and have a hard time imagining how clothing will look off of the hanger. :-)

  4. I am hoping to include more tips throughout this series so you can get better at this yourself:)

  5. Love it! More ThriftFix please!


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