Before You Go Poppin' Tags... [6/31]

One of the biggest reasons people tell me that they don't thrift is that they feel overwhelmed by it. I mean, who hasn't been in a secondhand store that looked like a small tornado had blown though? Having a game plan is key to thrifting success. Here are some things to consider before entering the thrift shop:

Know what you're looking for. I like to keep a running list of items that I am always on the watch for. Be it certain brands, books, or contributions to collections of mine, this keeps my time productive and efforts focused.

Set a budget. There's a temptation to buy everything in your cart because it's all so cheap, but it adds up. This keeps you accountable for bringing too much junk home with you, too.

Dress appropriately. Believe it or not, there are some thrift stores with no dressing rooms. Wearing a tank top or leggings under your normal clothes can allow you a quick change in the aisle if there aren't any dressing rooms or if the lines are too long. Ladies, I would also recommend a bra that is flattering to most tops (strapless or nude colored) so you have the best idea of what it'll look like every day.

Have realistic expectations. If you go thrift shopping with one thing in mind & don't find it, obviously you are going to be disappointed. That's why I like to have a ongoing list of all types of items to keep an eye out for. If you don't find a find, that's a good thing, too! You probably don't need any more crap in your life.

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing some "Tools of the Trade" to enhance your thrifing experience!

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