Tools of the Trade [7/31]

Here are a few items I would recommend bringing along on your next thrifting expedition!

1) Tote bag. Lord knows we've got enough plastic sacks accumulating underneath our kitchen sinks.

2) Hand sanitizer. For that moment you put your hand into a sweater pocket and pull out an old kleenex. And there is a smudge of red on it. And you pray that it is only lipstick.

3) Shout wipes. This comes in handy if you see something you like with a bit of a stain on it. Or if you splash coffee on yourself while awkwardly trying to push a cart with drink in hand.

4) Measuring tape. Useful if you don't feel like trying on something in the store or if you need a quick measurement for a furniture/ decor piece.

Is there anything else missing from this list? I'd love to hear if you have any further suggestions!

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1 comment

  1. I like to bring along a pair of those nylon slipper things you get at the shoe store so I can try on shoes without putting my bare feet into them.


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