Family Photos [12/31].

Here's a sneak peak of the family photo shoot we took with our good friends, Dave & Mariah of The Wedding Format. It's pretty special to have such gifted photographer friends. Dave has captured many of our family memories including our 8 mm wedding film.

I'm not sure if I'll look at these photos someday when they're framed on our walls and remember how crazy hectic the week leading up to them was. But as I look at them now, I can't help but feel crazy blessed to have the little family that I do.

Being a beginner SAHM is tough enough without adding the pressure to blog everyday about it. The direction my series has taken since starting isn't really what I imagined, but being a Mom is kind of like that too. There are a lot of days where I feel like I'm just stumbling around, trying my best to keep it together. If that hasn't been reflected in my blog the last couple weeks, then I don't know what.

I committed to the 31 Days with these things in mind: to push myself creatively, to exercise consistency, and to build community. Do I feel like I am making progress in those areas since I've started? I think so, be it minor. And it is only Day 12 of the challenge! Boy, do I have a long way to go...

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