Spend Time With Other Grown-Ups [11/31].

At the height of the madness yesterday, I got a text from my friend Nicole (God bless her) regarding an impromptu girl's night at her new place. It would've been super easy to disregard it and stay home to catch up on all of my pending tasks, but I decided instead to drag my un-showered, hot-mess self over for some goodies & grown-up conversation. And I am so glad I did.

Something hard, but I am learning is necessary, is to make time for myself / get out of the house when I get a chance. Because when you spend the bulk of your day trying to calm a fussy baby or communicate with a toddler, well, your social skills can get a bit rusty.

Sterling comes along pretty much everywhere I go since I'm b-feeding him. Thankfully, he was on was on his best behavior. Such a charmer, my little man.

So grateful to know these ladies & for the short time I got to unwind with them. Definitely lifted my spirits. xx

Nicole is also doing the 31 Days blog challenge, so be sure to check out her series - "31 Days of Mornings"!

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  1. oh I love this! I didn't even realized you took all these amazing pictures. I love our little community and I'm so glad to be a part of it and to know your sweet sweet soul. I love you friend. xo


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